I am a Cleveland sports fan. I cannot stand LeBron James. The Miami Heat winning the NBA Finals is the root of this blog.

“30 Days Without Sports” is my way to fill the mornings that I used to spend watching Mike and Mike and First Take on ESPN. I cannot watch ESPN for at least a month because I (admittedly pathetically) know it is bad for my health to see any images of the Miami Heat hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy. I also know that anything that comes out the MVP’s mouth will frustrate me to no end. I realize to many people it is “just sports” and “just a game,” but the truth is to me, and many of my friends, it is a lot more than that. I’m going to take at least the first few days of this blog getting into the psyche of a mid-20s Cleveland sports fan. Maybe it will help you understand our reaction to the decision and what we consider suffering in the world of sports since our birth, or maybe you will think we are even more crazy. Whatever you think, this is who we are.


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